Is it sleep apnea?

If you struggle with morning headaches or daytime drowsiness, you may be suffering from poor quality sleep. Could it be sleep apnea? Take this quiz to gauge the chances.

Do you snore loudly?Yes ❈No ❈
Has anyone told you that you stop breathing?Yes ❈No ❈
Do you choke or struggle for breath?Yes ❈No ❈
Do you toss or turn frequently in bed?Yes ❈No ❈
Do you often wake up with a morning headache?Yes ❈No ❈

Do you fall asleep or doze when you are:

Sitting and ReadingYes ❈No ❈
Watching TVYes ❈No ❈
Sitting inactive in a public place (movie or meeting)Yes ❈No ❈
A passenger in a carYes ❈No ❈
Resting in the afternoon when circumstances permitYes ❈No ❈
Sitting and talking to someoneYes ❈No ❈
Driving in a car or while waiting at a stop signYes ❈No ❈
Sitting after lunch without alcoholYes ❈No ❈

Your Epworth Sleep Score

Three or more “yes” answers mean there is a high chance that you could be suffering from sleep apnea. There are many sleep disorders, though, so only a qualified specialist or sleep study can tell you for sure if you have sleep apnea.

0 = never • 1 = slight chance • 2 = moderate chance • 3 = High chance

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