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Dr Virgil Wooten 
Fellow, American Academy of Sleep Medicine Diplomate, Sleep Medicine, American Board of Medical Specialties

VA Medical Center

3200 Vine St

Cincinnati, Ohio 45220


Dr. Bennett is nationally recognized for her expertise in treating sleep apnea and is a leader in the field of dental sleep medicine. In my opinion, she is the most qualified professional who treats sleep apnea with oral appliances in the great Cincinnati area. Oral Appliance treatment of sleep apnea and snoring is far more complex than most medical and dental professionals appreciate. Dr. Bennett has helped a great many of my patients with snoring and sleep apnea, and I believe that if anyone can correct sleep apnea and snoring with oral appliances, she is certainly the most capable.



Dr. Junaid Malik

10469 Montgomery Rd., Suite # 103

Cincinnati, OH 45242




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