Tom A.
My oral appliance has drastically improved my quality of life. Dr. Bennett and her staff are extremely competent and helpful and I highly recommend them.

D.D. Booth.
My oral appliance has 2 names “ The Bennett Special”. It has changed my life….every morning I awake feeling the energy to take on the day. Refreshed and energized.

MaryRuth K.
Since becoming a patient of Dr. Kathleen Bennett, my life has changed dramatically. I was having difficulty using another method to treat my sleep apnea, after I started using the oral appliance, my sleep has been awesome and I wake up rested. Thanks to Dr. Bennett and the introduction to the oral appliance.

James T.
Since I have been using the oral appliance I feel more rested and less agitated and clearer minded. My wife says my snoring has greatly improved.

James W.
If you’re dealing with apnea, Dr. Bennett is the place to go. Good service with explanation and no problems.

Donald S.
I can highly recommend it to any one with sleep apnea. I talk about it all the time to my friends and have referred them to her. It worked for me and I sleep all night.

Beverly L.
I’ve only had the oral appliance for a few weeks now, however, I’ve noticed quite a difference. I no longer feel fatigued, I am able to concentrate again, and have more energy. Thank you , Dr. Bennett.

Charles S.
What a difference! I sleep through the night, wake up refreshed and I am dreaming again!

Andrew S.
Dr. Bennett’s care has been outstanding and the oral appliance she has fitted me with has greatly improved my life and health.

Linda A.
Wearing the oral appliance is a big improvement over the C-Pap. It is more comfortable, easier to tolerate and wear. It is easier to maintain and travel with. If I occasionally forget to wear it, I am quickly reminded of what a benefit it is to my sleep and health. Thanks Dr. Kate.

Angie W.
When worn nightly, I wake up rested and without headaches. More energy and my husband is happier. Less snoring.

Paul E.
The oral appliance is great for travel and vacations. It beats being tethered to a C-Pap. My nose doesn’t dry out like it did with the C-Pap.

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